Address 23/24 Lower Buckingham Street Dublin 1
Phone Number 01 834100
Email Address
Contact Person Aine O'Leary
Services Provided Bereavement counselling
Origin Trace Service
Post Adoptive service
Organisation Type Bereavement counselling Post Adoption support Origin Tracing Service
Opening Hours 10am-12 noon Mon, Wed & Fri
Client Type Children who have suffered the painful loss of a parent, carer, sibling or significant other person in their lives through death
Additional Info Barnardos Children’s Bereavement Service is a service for children and young people who have lost someone close to them – like a parent or a sibling - through death. While we can't shield children from the reality of death and the pain of loss, we can help them to understand, to grieve and to cope a little better.
This unique service is for members of the public seeking information and support . Volunteers operate the daily telephone service, open from 10am-12pm Monday to Thursday.