Belong To Family Support Service

Belong To’s new Family Support Service offers one-to-one support for the families of LGBTQ+ young people across Ireland. Please see leaflet link below for more information on the Belong To Family Support Service and relevant contact details:

Belong To Family Support Service Leaflet

Suicide Crisis Assessment Nurse (SCAN)

What is SCAN?
The Suicide Crisis Assessment Nurse (SCAN) service aims to provide a timely response to appropriate requests for assessment of patients in suicidal crisis from named GP practices. This is a new service in County Meath, open since the beginning of February 2024 and as part of the role out plan it is currently only available to GP’s within Navan, with plans to expand this imminently.
Operating Mon-Wed 9-5pm and Thurs/Fri 9-4pm.

Who is eligible to access a SCAN service?
A GP can refer any patient over 18 years to the SCAN nurse

How do I make a referral?
Patients can speak to their GPs about their symptoms and if the GP thinks it is appropriate they can make a referral to the SCAN nurse. The nurse will arrange an assessment.

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Traveller Pride Week 2024 – May 20th to May 31st

Traveller Pride Week 2024 kicked off on May 20th and runs until the May 31st.  There is a huge range of activities happening around the country from family fun days, Traveller living history,  arts, music and more. You can find the programme of events here:

Anxiety Resource and New Podcast

See below and attached information on anxiety and how it can make you feel.  Anxiety can be overwhelming and make you feel a million different way.  Mental Health Ireland have a free downloadable booklet which gives you lots of tips on how to make it more manageable.  You can download the booklet by using this link: and other resources at #Mentalhealth#HelloHowAreYou


Let’s talk about Suicide – Episode 56 HSE Talking Health and Wellbeing Podcast



In this podcast Ailish O’Neill (National Education and Training Manager with the HSE National Office for Suicide Prevention) and Declan O’Shea (a Lived Experience Contributor) discuss the new, free online suicide prevention training programme from the HSE, ‘Let’s Talk About Suicide’. ‘Let’s Talk about Suicide’ is an introductory suicide prevention programme, that helps participants to identify others who might be at risk of suicide, confidently ask about the topic, and connect them with resources that can help them stay safe. It is hoped that ‘Let’s Talk About Suicide’ will help people develop their language and confidence around talking about suicide, and not to be afraid to discuss it openly. In this podcast Ailish and Declan discuss the importance of breaking the stigma associated with suicide, and how people can sometimes be afraid to talk about suicide, because of the sadness and trauma around the subject. Sometimes, people are afraid to say the word ‘suicide’. But by being truly present for a person, and by hearing and validating their feelings, we all have the potential to have a life-saving conversation with someone. Ailish and Declan talk about recognising signs of distress, the importance of clear questioning, and the power of validation and support. The conversation highlights the need for ongoing dialogue about suicide, the power of listening, the effectiveness of support services, and the new programmes role in suicide prevention. Listeners are encouraged to complete the new training programme, and share the episode to help spread awareness. ‘Let’s Talk About’ uses a mix of guided online content, video and interactive questions. You can start and stop the programme at you own convenience. On average, the programme will take 60 minutes to complete, but you can work at your own pace. To enrol and complete Let’s Talk About Suicide, visit Let’s Talk About Suicide is suitable for anyone over the age of 18, who wants to learn basic suicide prevention skills.  It is recommended that anyone recently bereaved, wait 12 months before engaging in this type of suicide prevention training.   If you, or someone you know needs support, visit the HSE site for information on how to mind your mental health, support others, or to find a support service in your area.

Meath LSP E-Newsletter for Spring/Summer 2024

The latest Meath LSP E-Newsletter for Spring/Summer 2024 is now available! Packed full of news, updates and upcoming events.

Click here to view: Meath LSP Spring/Summer 2024 Ezine

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Online Safety Talking Points for Parents

Developed by Irish Teens, Webwise has produced a leaflet that provides information to parents about online safety. To access same click on the link below:

Webwise Online-Safety-Talking-Points-for-Parents

Louth Meath Mental Health Events Calendar May 2024

Please click on the link below for information


Trim FRC – See what we’ve planned for May 2024!

Click on the link below to see a copy of our May 2024 newsletter outlining the programmes and groups we have in place that will be of interest to families.

Trim FRC May 2024 Monthly Newsletter


New Online Suicide Prevention Programme – Lets Talk about Suicide

Let’s Talk About Suicide is a new, free online suicide prevention training programme from the HSE. It helps people to develop their skills to keep others safe from suicide. It helps participants to identify people who are at risk, confidently ask about the topic of suicide and connect them with resources that can help them stay safe.

This introductory programme uses a mix of guided online content, video and interactive questions. Participants can pause and recommence the programme at their own convenience.

On average, the programme will take 60 minutes to complete, but participants can work at their own pace.  To enroll and complete Let’s Talk About Suicide, visit

Let’s Talk About Suicide is now freely available, and for circulation among stakeholders and networks. You can find out more about this new programme by clicking HERE.

ISPCC What is Coco’s Law – A webinar for parents/ carers & practitioners

ISPCC are delighted to share with you information regarding their upcoming FREE online webinar What is Coco’s Law – A webinar for parents/ carers & practitioners.

Under the Harassment, Harmful Communications and Related Offences Act, Coco’ s Law created new offences which criminalise the non-consensual distribution of intimate images prohibiting the sharing of intimate images without the original poster’s consent.

This important webinar will focus on awareness and understanding of Coco’s Law, recognition of the issues that it covers & guidance on how to avail of its provisions (reporting). Keynote speaker on the night is Fiona Jennings, Head of Policy & Public Affairs with the ISPCC.

It takes place on Monday April 30th at 7pm. Registration is now open. Please click on the leaflet below where you will be able to register for this webinar.

ISPCC ‘What is Coco’s Law’ Webinar