Meath LSP National Play Day 2023 – Orienteering, Scavenger Hunt & Kite Flying for Families

The National Play Day 2023 initiative in Meath brought to you by Meath LSP will be delivered through fun days for families. Families can attend their local amenity (park, beach etc) and take part in two different activities – Kite Flying & Orienteering/ Scavenger hunt.

This event is  completely free of charge, is sure to be fun and is ideal for all the family to take part in together. There is no limit on the number of family members that can attend, however only one kite pack will be supplied per family. It is recommended participating children are at least 5 years of age, any younger may need to be carried around the orienteering course.

Each event will be 2 hours. On attendance families will be given a map to the orienteering course, and a key card for the scavenger hunt. Families can follow the physical map or an app on their phone to navigate the orienteering course, while gathering clues for the scavenger hunt at the same time. On return families will be given a premade kite which they can fly in the area, families will then be given a marker and stencil pack to colour in and design the kite at home.

Please check out the timetable in the poster link below for details of your local activity and how families register. A follow up email will be sent to each registered family in advance of their chosen event to confirm location, time to attend and what to bring.