Magic Tables in Meath Libraries

The Magic Table (Tovertafel) is a fun care innovation designed for use by people with dementia, autism and learning disabilities. It consists of a series of interactive light games that are projected on to a table and infrared sensors respond to the hand and arm movement of the players.

The aim of the Magic Table is to create “moments of joy” for the users as well as increasing physical and cognitive activity.  Using the Magic Table can bring generations together and create treasured moments with family members and carers.  The games are all about enjoyment and wonder and respond to even the smallest movements. Some of the games can be used to trigger memories, reminiscence and to start conversations. Others can help teach about taking turns and help improve co-ordination. Playing the games in a group can improve social interaction as well as being a fun activity.

Book a Session

If you are caring for someone who has Autism, Special Needs, Dementia or Alzheimers then you can book a session on the Magic Table. The table can be booked by individuals, families or groups.  Please contact your preferred location below to make a booking or click on the following link for more details on booking

Ashbourne Library       [email protected]        01-8358185

Athboy Library             [email protected]              046-9432539

Dunboyne Library        [email protected]         01-8251248

Kells Library                 [email protected]                 046-9436014

Navan Library              [email protected]               046-9097361

Nobber Library             [email protected]             046-9052732

Oldcastle Library          [email protected]          049-8542084

Slane Library                [email protected]               041-9824955

Trim Library                  [email protected]                  046-9436063