Turn2me Mental Health Online Support Service

Founded 14 years ago as an online service by Oisin & Diarmuid Scollard after they lost their brother Cormac to suicide. turn2me has established itself as a leader in early intervention suicide prevention mental health services in Ireland.  It has developed robust escalation processes to keep participants safe.

Turn2Me works online to provide a free, safe, anonymous and confidential space to anyone +18 in Ireland seeking support with their mental health and wellbeing. We have a deep understanding of the needs and online behaviours of those who are seeking mental health support.

Turn2Me’s custom built platform is designed to be responsive and focused on the safety and wellbeing of users.  The entire team is committed to deliver high quality support and services at the right time for those who need understanding and help.

Turn2Me’s innovative stepped care psychosocial model of online mental health support means that people in Ireland can immediately access professional one2one counselling, group support, and psychoeducation materials virtually.

What sets Turn2Me apart is that we offer FREE Anonymous services, NO Waitlists, NO referral required.  All a person has to do is register as a user and they can begin availing of our services.  We can be additional support to you and part of your own self care, and/or we can be additional support and assistance with the individuals you help in your day to day work.

Sign up for free at http://www.Turn2Me.ie

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Turn2Me Services

PRESS RELEASE: Minister O’Gorman publishes the Children and Young People’s Services Committees ‘Shared Vision, Next Steps’ Mid Term Report

On 20th July, 2023, Minister for Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth (DCEDIY), Roderic O’Gorman announced the publication of the Children and Young People’s Services Committees Shared Vision, Next Steps Mid Term Report for 2019 – 2021.

Children and Young People’s Services Committees (CYPSC) promote and support effective inter-agency coordination and collaboration to achieve the best outcomes for all children and young people.

Shared Vision, Next Steps 2019 – 2024 is the national policy document for CYPSC. It assists CYPSC to further develop in a strategic, integrated and sustainable manner, in order to support the coordination and planning of efficient and effective services for children and young people.

This mid-term report for Shared Vision, Next Steps provides an update on the work achieved in the development of CYPSC at a national level, and by individual CYPSC across Ireland over the period 2019–2021.  The report provides information regarding the funding of CYPSC from 2019 to 2021 and highlights CYPSC best practice under the five national outcomes for children and young people during this time.  Of the 37 actions, 22 have been completed (60%), 11 are in progress (30%) and 4 have not progressed to date (10%).

Minster O’Gorman added:


“I am very pleased to publish this CYPSC Mid Term Report for Shared Vision, Next Steps covering the period 2019- 2021. It is great to see the progress made over this period with 60% of actions completed with the other actions in progress.


CYPSC bring together a diverse group of agencies in their local areas to engage in joint planning and coordination of services for children and young people.  I see CYPSC as pivotal in the roll out of many initiatives in collaboration with other partners in delivering better outcomes for children and young people around the country and this Mid Term Report highlights CYPSC best practice and their notable achievements.


I had the opportunity to meet with the CYPSC Coordinator’s recently in my Department and I was struck by the impressive work they undertake around the country including implementation of national policy, responses to critical Incidents in their locality, support for International Protection applicants and Ukrainian families, disability supports and supports for the Traveller and Roma communities amongst other wide and varied supports nationally.


I look forward to the continued success of CYPSC in delivering for children and young people.” 


To access the report click on the link below:

CYPSC Shared Vision Next Steps Mid Term Report 2019 – 2021 

ADHD IRELAND – Siblings Online Social Group 25th July

Do you have a brother or sister with ADHD? We are happy to announce that as the first group was such success we are running it again!

Come along and join this online social group to meet other young people who have brothers and sisters with ADHD to chat, share interests and hobbies and share your experiences. This is a safe space to talk about how it is for you, the highs and lows. What you enjoy about having a sibling with ADHD and what you may find challenging. How does it affect your family life, holidays etc.


9 – to 11-year-olds at 1pm



12- to 14-year-olds at 2pm



Information on Suicide Prevention

Pieta are offering a Summer Series of Workshops for Parents: Understanding Suicide and Self-Harm in Balbriggan and surrounding areas.  Please click on the link below for more details.


The International Association of Suicide Prevention’s “Reach In, Reach Out” podcast series aims to encourage understanding around the complexities of suicide, reduce stigma surrounding the topic and spark meaningful conversations.  In the episode linked below Professor Rory O’Connor and guest Bronwen Edwards, CEO of Roses in the Ocean and Associate Professor Vita Postuvan discuss postvention and suicide prevention.  Thanks to our colleagues and the Westbewell website please see the link below to listen to the podcast.



Edition 7 of the Meath Child and Family Support Networks Newsletter

We are delighted to share with you the Summer 2023 Edition of the Meath Child and Family Support Networks newsletter. The newsletter contains information on local services and supports for children, young people and families in Co. Meath. Please click on the link below:


Navan FRC Programmes for Autumn 2023

Click on the poster link below to access details regarding Navan FRC Programmes for Autumn 2023. Relevant contact details are included on the poster.

Trim Family Resource Centre July 2023 Newsletter

Click on the link below for information regarding upcoming events in Trim Family Resource Centre (FRC) during July 2023.


Meath LSP National Play Day 2023 – Orienteering, Scavenger Hunt & Kite Flying for Families

The National Play Day 2023 initiative in Meath brought to you by Meath LSP will be delivered through fun days for families. Families can attend their local amenity (park, beach etc) and take part in two different activities – Kite Flying & Orienteering/ Scavenger hunt.

This event is  completely free of charge, is sure to be fun and is ideal for all the family to take part in together. There is no limit on the number of family members that can attend, however only one kite pack will be supplied per family. It is recommended participating children are at least 5 years of age, any younger may need to be carried around the orienteering course.

Each event will be 2 hours. On attendance families will be given a map to the orienteering course, and a key card for the scavenger hunt. Families can follow the physical map or an app on their phone to navigate the orienteering course, while gathering clues for the scavenger hunt at the same time. On return families will be given a premade kite which they can fly in the area, families will then be given a marker and stencil pack to colour in and design the kite at home.

Please check out the timetable in the poster link below for details of your local activity and how families register. A follow up email will be sent to each registered family in advance of their chosen event to confirm location, time to attend and what to bring.