Talking to your Child about Autism Webinar: Trim FRC

Trim Family Resource Centre (FRC) are hosting a webinar to support parents and services around Autism called, Talking to your Child about Autism. The event will be held via zoom on the 29th of November@ 7pm with autistic self advocate and parent Amanda McGuiness of Littlepuddins and the autism educator.

Amanda will share her unique viewpoint as an autistic adult and a parent and provide positive advice and support on how to talk to your child about Autism. She will discuss how to prepare your child before you have a conversation about autism, highlighting the importance of normalising differences.

Amanda will also explore the strengths of being autistic, challenges faced by autistic individuals in today’s world and provide recommended reading and resources.

There will be a questions and answer time at the end of the session with Amanda.


To register your interest please click on the link below: