Address 23/24 Lower Buckingham Street Dublin 1
Phone Number 01 834100
Email Address [email protected]
Contact Person Aine O'Leary
Services Provided Bereavement counselling
Origin Trace Service
Post Adoptive service
Organisation Type Bereavement counselling Post Adoption support Origin Tracing Service
Opening Hours 10am-12 noon Mon, Wed & Fri
Client Type Children who have suffered the painful loss of a parent, carer, sibling or significant other person in their lives through death
Additional Info Barnardos Children’s Bereavement Service is a service for children and young people who have lost someone close to them – like a parent or a sibling - through death. While we can't shield children from the reality of death and the pain of loss, we can help them to understand, to grieve and to cope a little better.
This unique service is for members of the public seeking information and support . Volunteers operate the daily telephone service, open from 10am-12pm Monday to Thursday.