See Change Green Ribbon Campaign Launch on Friday 1st September

The annual See Change Green Ribbon campaign is now in its 11th year and runs for the month of September – .

The aim of the campaign is to spread awareness about all mental health difficulties and  to help end mental health stigma and discrimination.

This year’s launch will take place on Friday 1st September.  For the month of September, See Change will roll out their social media campaign and will be supporting workplaces, organisations and the general public across Ireland to start having open and honest conversations about mental health.  (There will also be an event at Electric Picnic from 1st – 3rd September).

The Green Ribbon theme for 2023 is judgement, i.e. what mental health judgement is, where it shows up across society, how judgement impacts people with mental health difficulties, and what we can all do to help end the unfair judgement of ourselves and others with these sub-themes getting a focus during the weeks of the month.

Wearing the Green Ribbon symbolises an openness to have conversations about mental health.