Parents Plus Special Needs Programme

Parents Plus are delighted to announce the launch of the first in the world, evidence-based Special Needs Programme, developed to respond to the complex and under served needs of young people with an Intellectual Disability, 12 – 25 years, and their families. Until now, there have been no tailored parenting programmes for parents of adolescents with I.D. to help them deal with the significant challenges they face during this time.

Randomised Controlled Trials

In 2019/2020, in a large randomised controlled trial, with the Department of Psychology, Trinity College, parents attending the Parents Plus Special Needs Programme reported significant improvements in:

  • Parenting practices
  • Problem behaviours
  • Parental satisfaction
  • Parental self-efficacy
  • Personal goal attainment

You can learn more about the programme and training dates here.


Eleanor Kent, Social Worker with CAMHS, who has trained in, and run this programme explains, “The Parents Plus Special Needs Programme is without doubt the solution to the crippling problems that parents of adolescents and young adults with I.D. face. The programme will change the future for children with special needs, their parents, their families and their communities. It should be compulsory and offered to every family affected by special needs. It really is that important.”


Join our free ONLINE launch on Friday 18th of Sept 10am -11.30am to learn about the impact of this much needed support.