LW CYPSC Family Wellness Parenting Webinar Series – Week Three 23rd Nov 8pm: Compassionate self-care for parents – What a Parent can do!

The Longford Westmeath CYPSC Parenting Webinar Series, continues next Wednesday evening. This series forms part of the LW CYPSC Healthy Ireland ‘Family Wellness Initiative’. The first two webinars have been really well received.

Week Three: 23rd November 8pm – 9:15pm Compassionate Self-Care for Parents – What a Parent can do!

In this talk, Dr. Malie Coyne shares the science behind self-compassion in counter-balancing our threat-focused brains. Malie emphasizes the importance of parents caring for themselves, so they can reflect on themselves, and in turn respond to their children from a place of soothing rather than threat. Malie will also dedicate time to answering your questions. Malie’s approach is very down to earth, and it is hoped that parents will be left with a sense of reassurance in being ‘good enough’ and practical tools to help parents and their children build resilience.

Webinar by Dr. Malie Coyne
Clinical Psychologist, University of Galway Adjunct Lecturer, Bestselling Author, and Parent


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