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HSE Rolls Out Measles MMR Vaccine Catch Up Programme

The HSE has announced on 19th March details of an MMR catch-up campaign to protect against measles due to a rise in cases of the disease in the UK and Europe.

Dr Lucy Jessop, Director of the HSE National Immunisation Office, explained:

Measles is highly infectious and can be an acute and serious infection. It causes a rash illness, with cough, runny nose, conjunctivitis and high fever. Complications of measles include ear infections, pneumonia, febrile seizures and less commonly encephalitis (inflammation of the brain) and even death.

The only protection against measles is vaccination. Two doses of MMR vaccine are needed and if a child or young adult is not fully protected then MMR vaccines can be obtained from your GP or HSE Vaccination Clinic.”

The campaign focuses on delivering the MMR vaccine to key groups, who may have missed their vaccines in the past:

  • Children
  • Young adults
  • Health and care workers.

How to get your vaccine

MMR vaccines are available free of charge from GPs to all groups, but primarily to those under 18 years, and from HSE community clinics for everyone eligible who is aged 5 years and over. A list of Vaccination Clinics is available here:

To book an appointment, visit:

Some walk-in appointments are also available.

Additionally, the HSE will also provide targeted clinics for specific groups including students and young people in education settings, underserved groups including refugees, applicants seeking protection and other minority groups.

Information on who should get the MMR catch up vaccine and how to access it is available on