Anxiety Resource and New Podcast

See below and attached information on anxiety and how it can make you feel.  Anxiety can be overwhelming and make you feel a million different way.  Mental Health Ireland have a free downloadable booklet which gives you lots of tips on how to make it more manageable.  You can download the booklet by using this link: and other resources at #Mentalhealth#HelloHowAreYou


Let’s talk about Suicide – Episode 56 HSE Talking Health and Wellbeing Podcast



In this podcast Ailish O’Neill (National Education and Training Manager with the HSE National Office for Suicide Prevention) and Declan O’Shea (a Lived Experience Contributor) discuss the new, free online suicide prevention training programme from the HSE, ‘Let’s Talk About Suicide’. ‘Let’s Talk about Suicide’ is an introductory suicide prevention programme, that helps participants to identify others who might be at risk of suicide, confidently ask about the topic, and connect them with resources that can help them stay safe. It is hoped that ‘Let’s Talk About Suicide’ will help people develop their language and confidence around talking about suicide, and not to be afraid to discuss it openly. In this podcast Ailish and Declan discuss the importance of breaking the stigma associated with suicide, and how people can sometimes be afraid to talk about suicide, because of the sadness and trauma around the subject. Sometimes, people are afraid to say the word ‘suicide’. But by being truly present for a person, and by hearing and validating their feelings, we all have the potential to have a life-saving conversation with someone. Ailish and Declan talk about recognising signs of distress, the importance of clear questioning, and the power of validation and support. The conversation highlights the need for ongoing dialogue about suicide, the power of listening, the effectiveness of support services, and the new programmes role in suicide prevention. Listeners are encouraged to complete the new training programme, and share the episode to help spread awareness. ‘Let’s Talk About’ uses a mix of guided online content, video and interactive questions. You can start and stop the programme at you own convenience. On average, the programme will take 60 minutes to complete, but you can work at your own pace. To enrol and complete Let’s Talk About Suicide, visit Let’s Talk About Suicide is suitable for anyone over the age of 18, who wants to learn basic suicide prevention skills.  It is recommended that anyone recently bereaved, wait 12 months before engaging in this type of suicide prevention training.   If you, or someone you know needs support, visit the HSE site for information on how to mind your mental health, support others, or to find a support service in your area.