Our Goal

To achieve our vision, we will work together towards the following long-term goals for children in Ireland in line with Better Outcomes Brighter Futures 2014-2020, Towards 2016, and An Garda Síochána Youth and Children Strategy 2012-2014:

  • Every child should grow up in a family with access to sufficient resources, supports and services to nurture and care for the child, and foster the child’s development and full and equal participation in society;
  • Every family should be able to access childcare services which are appropriate to the circumstances and needs of their children;
  • Every child should leave primary school literate and numerate;
  • Every student should complete a senior cycle or equivalent programme, (including ICT) appropriate to their capacity and interests; and have the opportunity to access the path for progression into future education;
  • Every child and young person should have access to world-class health, personal social services and suitable accommodation;
  • Every child and young person should have access to quality play, sport, recreation and cultural activities to enrich their experience of childhood;
  • Every child and young person will have access to appropriate participation in local and national decision-making, and;
  • Every child and young person should live in a safe community, have an understanding of the expectations for good citizenship, and where in conflict with the law, be dealt with in a manner that is appropriate and responsive to their age and understanding.