Our Mission

“Working together to ensure the very best outcomes for our children & young people”.


Respect – for our children, young people and families, for our colleagues and ourselves.
Integrity – we will be honest. We will promise only what we can deliver and deliver what we can promise.
Fairness – we will treat people fairly whatever their background and needs.
Accountability – we will take responsibility for what we do and say.
Hope – we will expect the best and work to achieve it.
Courage – we will have the courage to put into practice all our values.
Equality – we will champion the rights of all citizens, regardless of age, gender, ethnic origin, religious belief, to be treated equally.

Our Vision

In recognition of the rights of the child, all children & young people in Meath are to:

  • Be safe and well nourished
  • Be respected as young citizens
  • Be encouraged and valued for their contribution
  • Have their voice heard
  • Be cherished and supported by family and community
  • Have a fulfilling childhood
  • Reach their full potential