About us

Members of Meath CYPSC

  • Mr. Jim Mc Guigan, Area Manager, TUSLA Child and Family Agency, Louth/Meath (Chairperson)
  • Ms. Fiona Fallon, Senior Executive Officer, Housing & Community, Meath County Council
  • Mr. Sé Fulham, Voluntary Sector
  • Mr. Alan Doran, Principal Psychologist, HSE
  • Mr. Andy Ogle, HSE Regional Drug Coordinator, NERDTF
  • Superintendent James Cannon, An Garda Síochána, Ashbourne
  • Dr. Emma Clare, Senior Research & Development Officer, TUSLA Child and Family Agency, Dublin North East
  • Mr. Leonard Callaghan, Co-ordinator, Meath CYPSC (TUSLA Child and Family Agency, Louth/Meath)
  • Ms. Margaret Timmons, Acting Manager for Prevention, Partnership & Family Support (PPFS), TUSLA Child and Family Agency, Louth/Meath
  • Ms. Kerry Quinn, Probation
  • Ms. Marie Daly, CEO, Crann Support Group
  • Dr. Peter Nolan, Senior Medical Officer, Department of Community Health, HSE Dublin Nth East
  • Ms Elma McMahon, Youth Officer, Louth and Meath Education & Training Board
  • Ms. Catherine Sweeney, Principal Social Worker, TUSLA Child and Family Agency, Louth/Meath
  • Mr. Tom Oxley, Senior Administrative Officer, HSE Nth East (representing Ms Dervilla Eyres, General Manager, HSE Meath Primary Community and Continuing Care)
  • Ms. Jackie Maher, National Association of Principals and Deputy Principals (NAPD)
  • Ms. Anne Fitzpatrick, Irish Primary Principals, Network (IPPN)
  • Ms. Sheila McKenna, Principal Social Worker, HSE Adult Mental Health Service
  • Mr. John Kealy, Assistant Principal, Dept Social Protection
  • Ms. Susan Keogh, Co-ordinator Trim Family Resource Centre
  • Ms. Geraldine Hogarty, Manager Youth Work Ireland, Meath
  • Ms. Imelda Prunty, Chairperson, Meath County Childcare Committee

There are 5 working groups: Health, Education, Safety, Economic Security and Louth Meath PPFS Steeriing Group

Memorandum of Understanding

The Five National Outcomes for Children:

1. Healthy both physically and mentally
2. Supported in active learning
3. Safe from accidental and intentional harm / Secure in the immediate and wider physical environment
4. Economically secure
5. Part of positive networks of family, friends, neighbours and the community / Included and participating in society
Agenda for Children’s Services: A Policy Handbook (2007)
Better Outcomes Brighter Futures: The National Policy Framework for Children & Young People (2014-2020)

Terms of Reference

The Meath Children & Young People’s Services Committee will meet the expectations of our vision, principals and values by working to support and strengthen families through collaboration in policy development and strategic planning. This will achieve better coordination and improved outcomes for children & young people. To achieve this, each CYPSC member commits to the following:

1) To facilitate, coordinate and maximise collaboration between services.
2) To support the joint implementation of policies and initiatives, which require joint agency co-operation.
3) Assisting in the implementation of the National Children’s Strategy in Meath.
4) To work collaboratively to deliver the expectations of Children First National Guidance 2011.
5) To encourage and foster high quality cross agency communication.
6) To evaluate and monitor the impact and support of interagency working
7) To utilise learning to constantly improve service outcomes for children & young people.

Download PDF – Working for children – Summary Report

Download Meath Children Young Peoples Plan 2012-2015